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Personal Training / Weight Loss

Get Skinny and Feel Great!

Weight loss is our speciality here at Zone Fitness. Our main purpose is to help you with the means to trim that excess weight and get you back into shape. Our personal trainers will provide the expertise you need to finally lose that stubborn belly fat and weight while having a fun time doing it!

How much longer are you willing to let your weight control you?

Book in now for a Free Consultation and get rid of that excess weight!

Although our personal training services are mainly tailored towards weight loss, that doesn't stop us from getting you fit and achieving your other goals. Our personal trainers are more than able to help you achieve all your other health and fitness goals.

Imagine having lost the excess weight, looking toned and being fitter than you have ever been! What would your friends say?

How great would it feel to be sexy again?

A Story of Success!

"Through following Bastiaan's suggestions I have lost 25kg which has improved my body shape, appearance and confidence. I have received many positive and encouraging comments from my friends and work colleagues including comments on the weight loss, improvements in the appearance of my skin and looking more energetic!" - Marie G

Get Rewarded for Your Weight Loss!

Come see one of our personal trainers and get rewarded for losing weight! That's right, as if losing the weight isn't rewarding enough, we've decided to reward you with additional gift vouchers for losing weight.

Your personal trainer will monitor your weight loss and give you rewards for reaching certain weight loss milestones. Work hard, get rewarded!

What is your excuse now?

Another Success Story!

"Bastiaan and i have been training together for the past 9 months. To date i have managed to lose a total of 29.6kg!- Linda L

Personal Training With Results!

Join our many other clients in getting results. Let our personal trainers help you to finally lose that weight and feel good about yourself again!

Personal   Training

Have one of our personal trainers look after all your health and fitness needs. We offer a private training environment for you to work one on one with your personal trainer. Or bring a friend and train together!

Avoid looking silly at the gym and have one off our personal trainers coach you in the exercises. Gain confidence in no time at all. Besides we do need you to do some homework!

In addition to personal training you will receive great nutritional advice. A lot of your results will come from making dietary and lifestyle changes. This is often ignored by personal trainers. There is a lot more to weight loss than simply calories in vs calories out.


Interval Training

The first step in losing weight. Interval training is proven to rapidly increase your ability to burn fat! We've exploited this in every training session to help maximise your weight loss potential. 

Weight Training

The second step in our winning formula. Weight training increases your capacity to burn calories all day long by raising your base metabolic rate. Additionally it gives you a slim toned body.


The last pillar in your personal quest to lose weight. With proper coaching from your trainer we will optimise your diet for weight loss. Finally you too can have the skinny body you deserve!