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Bastiaan Gresnigt

Weight   Loss   Coach    /    Personal   Trainer

My passion for health and fitness started when I was studying to become an electrical engineer. During my studies I was spending more and more time in the gym and reading about fitness. After realising I was heading in the wrong direction I made the hardest choice of my life, to quit engineering and do a U turn to give the health and fitness industry a go!

Well it turned out to be the best decision of my life! After graduating top of my class and being offered multiple jobs I quickly worked my way up to being Fitness Director and in charge of a whole team of trainers at a big gym in Christchurch. After the big earthquake of Feb 22nd this unfortunately came to an abrupt hold. This prompted me to make another bold move.

To set up my very own studio!

Making this change has allowed me to better focus my efforts on my passion, Helping women to lose weight and get fit again. The tremendous feeling of seeing my clients succeed is what gives me the greatest satisfaction. Inspiring and making my clients understand that they can do it is just awesome!


9+ Years Personal Training Experience
Certificate in Personal Training (New Zealand Institute of Sport)
Certificate in Personal Training (New Zealand Institute Health and Fitness)
C.H.E.K. Scientific Core Training
C.H.E.K. Scientific Back Training
C.H.E.K. Program Design
C.H.E.K. Equal But Not The Same
C.H.E.K. Swiss Ball Training
C.H.E.K. Swiss Ball Training For Rehabilitation
Solgar Gold Training Course (Nutrition)
REP's Registered Exercise Professional
First Aid Certificate

Currently Working Towards

Becoming Qualified in Kenisio Taping
C.H.E.K. Advanced Program Design
C.H.E.K. Dynamic Medicine Ball Training
C.H.E.K. Primal Pattern Movements