Zone Fitness Personal Training Christchurch


Here are some of the many success stories that my clients want to share with you:

BeforeAfter"I have been working with Bastiaan for 12 months. During this time my fitness and strength have improved, which enable me to take part in a race with my 12 year old son. Through following Bastiaan's suggestions I have lost 25 kilos which has improved my body shape, appearance and confidence. I have received many positive and encouraging comments from my friends and work colleagues including comments on the weight loss, improvements in the appearance of my skin and looking more energetic.

Bastiaan makes each training session different and fun and varies the home workouts so i have not become bored with them. I recommend working with Bastiaan for anyone who wants to lose weight and improve their fitness, health and lifestyle."

- Marie G
"Bastiaan has been my personal trainer for the last 8 months, the results I have achieved to date are due to the combination of his extensive knowledge, training methods and individualised yet achievable exercise programs. I’ve gone from 47.5 to 40.1kg, a loss of 7.4kg. Bastiaan’s easy going friendly personality creates a relaxed comfortable atmosphere. He makes each workout challenging, creative and most importantly, fun! He also places a high value on correct form with each exercise. Bastiaan’s professionalism, and enthusiastic commitment to his work, sets foundations for a new healthier lifestyle! See you on Monday!"

- Lila H
"Bastiaan and i have been training together for the past 9 months. In that time he has helped me to feel more confident in myself, which has been a big issue for me. Each month Bastiaan helps me set a new goal and to date i have managed to lose a total of 29.6kg. I realise i still have a long way to go with the confidence and weightloss but Bastiaan's enthusiasm and encouragement and the occasional telling off will help me stay on track."

- Linda L
"Since starting my personal training with Bastiaan, I have completely changed my outlook on diet and exercise. His knowledge and supportive attitude have helped me to lose 12kg in 3 months, an outcome i would never have considered possible! His training sessions make exercise enjoyable and his positive outlook has given me confidence to believe that i CAN reach my weight loss and fitness goals this year. Thanks!"

- Alison M
"After having my 3rd child I was determined to get back to where I looked and felt my best. I knew if I joined a gym I would not stay focused enough to achieve any results. My life is hectic raising 3 super charged children and it's to easy to make excuses and never achieve the results I desire. Training at Zone Fitness I truly feel I have a partner in my journey to better wellbeing. Bastiaan helped me to make a positive difference to my health at every session. I’ve gained a better attitude about my body, my health and my weight in a supportive atmosphere. I’ve lost the baby weight and I’m still going strong. I not only feel amazing I have the support and direction I need to reach my goals."

- Jess S
"Bastiaan is a rare personal trainer who puts ‘personal’ first. As many people I made the same mistake setting up my fitness goals wrong. I thought about losing weight only. Bastiaan worked with my mind first, telling me that my weight was not something to concentrate on but healthy eating and exercising to get leaner and stronger was a way to go. Not only does he follows up with great advise on healthy lifestyle, he educates on every movement. In three short months I went from 3 to 8kg weights, I can do more reps, I feel stronger, and I can run longer and faster. I lost just over 10kg with more to come."

- Sarah L
"For the past 8 months, Bastiaan has encouraged me and supported me to exercise on a regular basis. I have met new friends, become more confident, eat healthy and achieved my desirable body weight and shape. I now fit into a size 12 for the first time in 10 years. I had tried other forms of exercise and diets with NO success. I now look forward to exercising with Bastiaan and the whole experience has been amazing."

- Fionna M
"Bastiaan is a fantastic trainer. He has helped me to lose 12.7kg over the last 5 months. His sessions are always full of fun and energetic! Highly recommend."

- Lucile H
"Before going to Bastiaan I had been through an awful two years following some serious injuries and surgery. I had put on weight, lost my physical confidence and basically managed to cope with work but little else. He has taken the time to understand what drives me and what challenges I have to deal with so he can deliver the perfect mix of encouragement and demand. He is willing to work around my chaotic time table whilst still insisting strongly on a regular commitment. I enjoy the sessions because they always different, fun and just within my reach. I have achieved more weight loss than I thought was possible but more importantly I have my life back and I can look forward to many years of good physical health."

- Carolyn G
"I've been training with bastiaan for about 2 years now and i have enjoyed every minute of it, he has helped me reach my goals in weight loss, I have lost 14kg! Bastiaan helps me maintain my fitness and we are forever sculpt and toning my body. Alongside with the weight loss he has encouraged me to eat healthy, I now have a lot more energy for my everyday life. Bastiaan is highly educated man and also trains with best form, I recommend Bastiaan as an excellent personal trainer."

- Nicole S
"Outstanding master of his craft. Knowledge of health and fitness is amazing and being able to adapt to individual needs and getting the most out of you through challenging yet achievable goal setting. Also place a high value on correct form. Would recommend Bastiaan to anyone."

- Joanne R
"Training with Bastiaan has been great; he has helped me not only with weight loss and strength training but helped me to improve my posture through his emphasis on correct form during exercise. I really enjoyed training with him as he makes the session’s fun while pushing you to your limits. I would definitely recommend Bastiaan to anyone wanting a personnel trainer."

- Isobel D
"I have trained with Bastiaan for over 2 years now and have enjoyed every minute. He does a great job tailoring your workouts specifically for you, so they are challenging but achievable, allowing constant and noticeable improvement. Bastiaan clearly has vast knowledge of his trade, and is constantly turning up with a wealth of new techniques for the most effective training. And best of all, he keeps training fun!"

- Andrew M
"I have valued Bastiaans personal training techniques for almost 4 months now. My goals are to improve my injuries through strengthening muscle, tone my body and maintain fitness levels. I enjoy Bastiaans enthusiasm towards getting me motivated which makes each training session fun. He has shared his knowledge in training and eating healthy which has helped improve my energy levels. I have increased muscle strength, stamina and have improved my training technique with his encouragement. I highly recommend Bastiaan as your personal trainer he makes training fun with guaranteed results!"

- Kylie B
"Training with Bastiaan has helped me achieve results as well as gain confidence at the gym. I have learned a lot about how different exercises affect the body. Bastiaan is very educated in a variety of training styles and can adapt to suit your personal needs."

- Sam G
"I'm very impressed of the level of expertise offered by Bastiaan. He has helped me feel physically fitter more knowledgeable and healthier than ever before. Even after you leave you feel better than when you walked in! Without his assistance I know I wouldn't feel or look as good as I do today."

- Tony B
"Training with bastiaan has been amazing. Everytime i see him he is always teaching me something new, from healthy eating to workouts to help me reach my goals faster. With his help i am constantly making new goals while helping me reach them. He is constantly pushing me to my limit at training and without him i know i wouldn't be as confident as the gym and with myself. I would fully recomend Bastiaan to anyone who wants an amazing personal trainer."

- Sarah O
"I wish to thank you for the enjoyable training sessions I had with you in the past few months. I found your method of training and the choice of exercises very professional and highly beneficial. In particular I found your proactive continuous supervision of the way I performed the exercises as a distinctive competitive advantage to the normal routine applied by other trainers."

- Gianfranco U
"Working with Bastiaan has been really awesome, I've learned a lot.  He is easy to get along with and can be pretty funny! Bastiaan knows his stuff from stretches to body workouts to technique. I have learned a lot and it has opened my mind to how my body works. Bastiaan targets problems areas and likes to find out what is holding me back from achieving my goals."

- Tim B